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A narrative-fusion live music film by ALISON


Live Pilgrimage in Madrid

United States, Mexico & Europe Advance Film Premiere (Nov & Dec 2023)

In collaboration with the Spanish film collective Alison, MONO introduces a new narrative-fusion live film, which will now be premiered in the United States, Mexico and Europe on selected dates in November and December 2023.

The story takes place around a young woman who awakens from a strange omen. The visions of the end of time and desolation; a figure wanders around until it lies dead. This anomalous sensation guides the young girl through a city to a place where she will find peace she longed for. MONO's music accompanies this mourner's pilgrimage through dreams and time.

The film was shot in its entirety in Spain, featuring a full live performance from the band's 11th album European Tour 2022 in Madrid.

Film Premiere Schedule 2023

Nov 26 (Sun)
Louisville, KY
Planet of the Tapes
Door 5:30pm / Start 6pm
Nov 27 (Mon)
Los Angeles, CA
Brain Dead Studios
Door 7pm / Start 7:30pm
Nov 28 (Tue)
Chicago, IL
Music Box
Door 6:30pm / Start 7pm
Nov 29 (Wed)
Denver, CO
Sie FilmCenter
Door 6pm / Start 7pm
Dec 2 (Sat)
Mexico City, MX
Cine Tonalá
Door 6:50pm / Start 7pm
Dec 6 (Wed)
Brooklyn, NY
Saint Vitus
Door 6:30pm / Start 7pm
Dec 11 (Mon)
Portland, OR
Clinton Street Theater
Door 6:30pm / Start 7pm
Dec 13 (Wed)
Berlin, DE
Kino Intimes
Door 7:30pm / Start 8pm
Dec 14 (Thu)
Barcelona, ES
Rouge Bunker Cultural
Door 7:30pm / Start 8pm
Dec 20 (Wed)
Leipzig, DE
UT Connewitz
Door 7:30pm / Start 8pm

Live Pilgrimage in Madrid Advance Film Premiere

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