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Requiem For Hell

This album is a series of songs from a flood of inspirations in 2015. After writing song after song and giving them titles, we stumbled upon Dante’s “Divine Comedy” and the story struck a chord with us. “Divine Comedy”’s story about travelling down to Hell, through to purgatory, then from Heaven to reality turned out to be the same theme. This is when we decided to use Gustave Dóre’s illustration from “Divine Comedy”’s last scene as the main cover.

Not long after, by pure luck once again, our long-time friend Jeremy (the owner of our American label Temporary Residence) had his first-born. She was named Ely. Jeremy had been sending us photos and her heartbeats from long before she was born. When Ely was born, we decided to dedicate one of our songs to her, with hopes of her listening to it when she is grown up, and decided to use her heartbeats as an intro on “Ely’s Heartbeat”.

Through this album, we hope you can experience all life’s elements, from death and life, body and soul, hope and hopelessness, light and darkness, respect and honour transferred through generations, and new life.

/ MONO 2016

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