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Seiya Ogino (MONO of Japan)

North American Label
Jeremy deVine (Temporary Residence Ltd.)

European Label
Robin Staps (Pelagic Records)

North America Booking
Merrick Jarmulowicz (Ground Control Touring)

Europe, Middle East & South America Booking
Haydn Britland (NMC Live)

Asia & Oceania Booking
Jef Vreys (New Noise China)

Japan Booking
Yoshi Kurahashi (SMASH)


Albums 2009 - Present excl. usage in Japan
Albums: Hymn To The Immortal Wind, For My Parents, Rays of Darkness, The Last Dawn, Requiem For Hell, Nowhere Now Here
Douglas Smith (Rough Trade Publishing)

Albums 2001 - 2006 worldwide
Albums: Under The Pipal Tree, One Step More And You Die, Walking Cloud..., You Are There
Norizko Tsuzuki (Sony Japan)

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