MONO 10th New Album

  1. God Bless
  2. After You Comes the Flood
  3. Breathe
  4. Nowhere, Now Here
  5. Far and Further
  6. Sorrow
  7. Parting
  8. Meet Us Where the Night Ends
  9. Funeral Song
  10. Vanishing, Vanishing Maybe
Out Now

20 Year Anniversary 10th Album

Nowhere Now Here

January 25, 2019
Temporary Residence Ltd. (North America & Asia)
Pelagic Records (UK, Europe & Oceania)
CD, LP & Digital
  1. God Bless
  2. After You Comes the Flood Stream / Film
  3. Breathe Stream / Music Video
  4. Nowhere, Now Here
  5. Far and Further
  6. Sorrow
  7. Parting
  8. Meet Us Where the Night Ends Stream
  9. Funeral Song
  10. Vanishing, Vanishing Maybe
Temporary Residence Ltd.
CD - Custom slipcase
LP - Opaque Purple & Super Blood Moon Colored DLP in custom slipcase Limited to 1,000 copies
LP - Black DLP in custom slipcase

Pelagic Records
CD - Custom slipcase
LP - Color In Color DLP Limited to 250 copies
LP - Splatter DLP in custom slipcase Limited to 250 copies
LP - Smoke DLP in custom slipcase Limited to 500 copies
LP - Black DLP in custom slipcase

The conflict and correlation between dark and light is a universal theme with a historically rich history. Musically, perhaps no band in the 21st Century has mined that relationship more consistently or effectively than Japan’s MONO.

Across 10 albums in 20 years, MONO have convincingly reflected the quietest and most chaotic parts of life through their music. Their ever-expanding instrumental palette – which began in earnest in 1999 with the traditional guitar-bass-drums rock band setup – has evolved to include as many as 30 orchestral instruments. Now, on Nowhere Now Here, the band add electronics to their repertoire – perhaps inspired by guitarist/composer Takaakira ‘Taka’ Goto’s recent collaboration with John McEntire, the beguiling Behind the Shadow Drops. Nowhere Now Here also sees MONO’s first-ever lineup change, adding new drummer Dahm Majuri Cipolla (The Phantom Family Halo) to the core trio of Goto, Tamaki, and Yoda. Tamaki also makes her vocal debut here, singing into the shadows of vintage Nico on the poetically hazy “Breathe”.

The unlikely career of MONO has taken them to virtually every corner of the planet, several times over. Those corners have all left indelible marks on their music, as it drills deeper towards the sound of feeling not quite human and all too human – often at the same time.



新しくエレクトロサウンドをレパートリーに追加した新作「Nowhere Now Here」
それはギタリスト/作曲 Takaakira ‘Taka’ Gotoが John McEntire (トータス、ザ・シー・アンド・ケイク )とのコラボレーションからインスパイアされたという。
また、このアルバムはTaka、Tamaki、Yodaのコアメンバーに加え、新ドラマーとしてDahm Majuri Cipolla (The Phantom Family Halo) を迎え、Tamakiは“Breathe”でボーカルデビューを果たした作品となる。


/ Jeremy deVine (Temporary Residence Ltd.)

MONO x Julien Levy Official Film

After You Comes
The Flood

Directed by: Julien Levy
Music by: MONO
Starring: 山田愛奈(Aina Yamada), るうこ(Ruko), 井端珠里(Juri Ihata), Louis Rault Watanabe

Tokyo, 2018. A small laundromat at night.

Three young women are making fun of Anna for caring too much about her love life. But they will soon regret it as Anna's revenge plot will haunt them all night long. What follows is a pursuit through the streets of Tokyo during which fear and attraction collide.

Danger is never far in this film borrowing codes from both Hitchcock films and independent Japanese thrillers.

MONO x Julien Levy Official Music Video


Directed by: Julien Levy
Music by: MONO

The second music video "Breathe" taken from the new album where Tamaki makes her vocals debut.

This piece was directed by French director Julien Levy, who also took care of the first single "After You Comes The Flood"'s short film, which was just released in September.



"MONO continue a strong tradition of releasing albums full of deep, introspective post-rock which pulls on your heart strings, whilst filling your ears with brilliant musicianship."

"Unlike contemporaries This Will Destroy You and Explosions in the Sky, Japan’s Mono approaches post-rock like a composer with the meticulous orchestration and overwhelming scope of Jóhann Jóhannsson and Max Richter."

"Nowhere Now Here is among the most musical of Mono's albums. That said, it remains inseparably bound to their trademark sonic exploration of multivalent textures, extreme dynamics, and sheer rock power in revealing transformational emotional and psychological states."

"It is a coming together of lightness and darkness that’s so intensely evocative that it feels almost enlightening."

"Nowhere Now Here’ is yet another expansive sonic adventure that stays true to the escapism we all crave from the ever groundbreaking genre of post-rock."

"In Nowhere Now Here, MONO have surpassed themselves immeasurably. This is a gorgeous, detailed album full of twists and turns and promises to be a true experience for anyone who wishes to give it a spin."

Distorted Sound Magazine [Link]

"MONO ventures outside their comfort zone whilst staying true to form."

Louder Than War Magazine (December 2018 Issue) [Link]

"Mono has always been a special and essential act, and Nowhere Now Here is up there with the absolute best offerings in an already impressive catalog."

"Cascading into 2019 with their 10th opus, the band’s intricately rousing repertoire manifests itself as a distinctly metropolitan presence here, erupting from the neon underbelly of a towering city at night while simultaneously treading the line between life and whatever lies beyond."

Kerrang! Magazine (January 2019 Issue) [Link]

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