Nowhere Now Here (2019)

"MONO continue a strong tradition of releasing albums full of deep, introspective post-rock which pulls on your heart strings, whilst filling your ears with brilliant musicianship."

"Unlike contemporaries This Will Destroy You and Explosions in the Sky, Japan’s Mono approaches post-rock like a composer with the meticulous orchestration and overwhelming scope of Jóhann Jóhannsson and Max Richter."

"Nowhere Now Here is among the most musical of Mono's albums. That said, it remains inseparably bound to their trademark sonic exploration of multivalent textures, extreme dynamics, and sheer rock power in revealing transformational emotional and psychological states."

"It is a coming together of lightness and darkness that’s so intensely evocative that it feels almost enlightening."

"Nowhere Now Here’ is yet another expansive sonic adventure that stays true to the escapism we all crave from the ever groundbreaking genre of post-rock."

"In Nowhere Now Here, MONO have surpassed themselves immeasurably. This is a gorgeous, detailed album full of twists and turns and promises to be a true experience for anyone who wishes to give it a spin."

Distorted Sound Magazine [Link]

"MONO ventures outside their comfort zone whilst staying true to form."

Louder Than War Magazine (December 2018 Issue) [Link]

"Mono has always been a special and essential act, and Nowhere Now Here is up there with the absolute best offerings in an already impressive catalog."

"Few bands harness the tempestuous intensity and emotional turbulence that Japan’s MONO have across two decades and nine albums. Cascading into 2019 with their 10th opus, the band’s intricately rousing repertoire manifests itself as a distinctly metropolitan presence here, erupting from the neon underbelly of a towering city at night while simultaneously treading the line between life and whatever lies beyond."

Kerrang! Magazine (January 2019 Issue) [Link]

"This is what makes the difference between Mono and so many other post-rock bands: while others create music, Mono deliver an experience that demands your full attention."

"Their music has a gorgeous ache to it like any great literary novel, evoking memories of the permanence of the impact of life after death or the impact of parents and childhood or of images of hope and suffering and hell that are as stained by beauty as they are stained by blood and pain, such that you do not know what or even if there is a bottom layer or central object or if it is all valence with no center."

"In fact, see this album as a lesson in music production, how to create the perfect score, free of lyrical content and concentrating on just how instrumentation can create an emotional state."

"I doubt that the trio ever felt that they had lost their way, but this wonderful record conveys a group newly focused, newly inspired. 2018 was a quiet year for post-rock. 2019 has started with a bang."